Simplifying The Means to View   What Can't Be Seen.
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FCS, Inc. is in the business of developing and prototyping a video surveillance camera system unique to a home's #1 point of entry:  the front door.  For the past few years, our development efforts have focused on a motion activated battery powered wireless surveillance camera system approach as a basis to facilitating ease of installation.  Unlike many systems that claim to be "wireless," but then need wires to be run to the camera to ensure 24hr surveillance, the FCS system is truly wireless because no wires whatsoever need to be run to the camera.  The system also incorporates a mounting system unique to the front door, including a display to facilitate ease of installation and viewing.  With regards to viewing of the porch scene, wireless video transmission transmits to a hand sized receiver connected to a TV or PCTV's video input port, which then can be easily accessed via the video button on the TV's remote control.  Further still, an optional "premier" receiver is in development with our focus channel partner, which will not only allow viewing on your TV, but will also allow recording of the porch scene for playback.
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